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Janine Moon
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One of only five (5) Master Certified Career Coaches in the country, Janine works with business leaders who want more resilient and agile employees…who respond to change without resistance, driven by business strategies. It’s actually pretty simple to have a workforce that is aligned with your business success, and that’s what Janine makes happen. Your employees come to work All In!
Janine provides leaders with tools that get to the bottom of employee resistance and low productivity. She helps you identify disengagement and define actions to jumpstart employee commitment.  When your employees are aligned with your direction, they become partners in driving your business.

If you aren’t sure if your employees are aligned with your business strategies, they probably are not…and without alignment, you are likely getting less than a 50% return on your people investment.  It adds up when you’re putting out a payroll that only gets 50% on every dollar, and that’s what happens without alignment.

Janine’s unique experiences have made her practical, thought provoking, direct and challenging.  She has experienced  “work” from the handle of a hoe on a family farm to the C-level suite in a utility company.   

She’s a “Learning” expert—for businesses large and small, in varied industries and in office, field and manufacturing settings.  She consults, coaches, educates, motivates and shows leaders how to get results.

Janine holds a Master’s degree from The Ohio State University and a Bachelor’s of Science from Bowling Green State University.   An Instructor and Mentor Coach for The Career Coach Institute,  she is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), a past President of the Ohio NSA Chapter and a member of the International Coach Federation. Janine also serves as advisor to Franklin University’s Coaching Programs and as an Adjunct Faculty member in the M.S. Business Psychology and Applied Psychology programs.
Her book, Career Ownership: Creating 'Job Security' in Any Economy is the only career development model that works for the 21st century global economy: it provides a strategic model for the outdated employment compact driven by the current "buyers" employment market.