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Ted Fireman

What are your best coaching resources?

At the risk of shocking my new friends, I'll tell you that the single best coaching resource for me is not a traditional coaching resource at all.  It's actually Sandler Sales Training.  

Sandler teaches that the value that a salesperson (and perhaps coaches as well)  brings is in the questions they ask and the ability to dig deeper to get to the real problem.  Sandler teaches to listen more (70% or more) and to talk less.  

Meaningful questions and better listening empower the client to think through their own pains and sometimes solutions.

Clients should also feel safe and comfortable with the process and must know that "no" is a perfectly okay decision.

How does coaching factor into your business?

I coach individuals in career transition or considering a career change who want to explore business ownership.

As a franchise specialist, my goal is to help those interested in entrepreneurship/business ownership get the information they need to make knowledge-based decisions which meet their goals.  

I begin with an online assessment which enables them to consider whether business ownership is right for them. Several local career and life coaches are now using my assessment with their own clients who express interest in entrepreneurship.

For those who choose to learn about business ownership, I guide them through a safe and comprehensive 12-14 week research process to match them with a franchised business that fits their experience, interests, and budget.  There is no cost to my clients for my services as I am compensated by the franchise industry.

What do you like to do for fun?

Travel.  My wife Lori and I love to spend time with our daughters who both live in New Orleans.  The history, music, food, and architecture make New Orleans America's most unique city.  Another favorite destination is Budapest where friends of ours spend half of each year. We'll be visiting Budapest again in March.

More information about Ted:
Company:  FranNet of Central and Southeastern Ohio
Phone: (614) 440-0038