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Check out the ICF Midwest Region Coaches Virtual Conference Series 
starting in October!


Join us on
February 8, 2021!

John Schuster, PCC
"The Art of Inquiry: Presence as the Enabler"



5:00 - 6:30 pm -  Zoom Meeting

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For Coaches

We're excited about this year! In addition to bringing you new concepts, tools, and techniques, to grow you personally and professionally, we will also be focusing on the growth of your business. We have created a new searchable coach directory as well as a Google ad campaign to attract those looking for a high-quality coach to our site and through the searchable directory to bring more relevant leads to you. Become part of the ICF Columbus community today to develop your skill and your business!

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For Companies and Coachees

Sometimes we can envision a future we want for ourselves. Sometimes it is the struggle of our current situation that forces us to look for a better way. Wherever you find yourself, you can discover empathetic and skilled coaches that can provide the expert partnership you need to help you find new ways of operating, new tools to successfully navigate, and new levels of confidence to accomplish your goals and objectives. Learn more about partnering with a coach today!

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